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The maintenance measures that improving the performance of sand making machines

The vertical shaft impact crusher consists of rotor, crushing cavity, motor, transmission device, main shaft system, lubrication system and electronic control system.
In order to maintain the good performance of the sand making machine, it is necessary to do a good job of daily maintenance, find and deal with faults in time.
1. Rotation direction of the rotor
Viewed from the top of the device, it needs to be rotated counterclockwise. If the direction of rotation is incorrect, it will cause serious damage to the rotor. The rotation direction of the two motors needs to be the same. When the judgment is unclear, the V-belt can be removed to observe the rotation of the two motors.
2. Lubrication
The crusher has unique operating conditions. Do not use different types of grease alternately. Consult the manufacturer for the grease to be used, which is very important to the long-term stable operation of the equipment.
3. Iron removal
The miscellaneous iron in the feed or the feed size is too large, which has a significant impact on the life of the ejector. Therefore, it is necessary to frequently clean and remove the impurities on the ironware, and check whether the screen is damaged. For this reason, an iron separator should be installed on the feeding tape.
4. The tension of the drive tape
Proper tension is very important for the long-term, normal operation of the drive tape, especially for dual-motor drive equipment. If the current of one motor is lower than the current of the other motor, it may be caused by the different tape tensions of the two motors. For the new tape, the tension should be readjusted after 30 minutes of dry running, and then fed into operation, after 8 hours of operation adjust again to remove the natural extension of the tape, otherwise it is easy to burn the tape.
5. Dust control
Usually in the normal operation process, the air turbulence in the crushing chamber creates an ideal dust collection environment. Dust collection equipment is not required to reduce dust, but a large amount of dust will be discharged when starting or stopping or when the feeding is insufficient during operation. A water spray device can be installed at the discharge port, and the motor will be connected/disconnected with a lock, so that the crusher can automatically start the spray device to control the dust discharge when the crusher is stating or stopping.
6. Running record
The daily operation records are recorded in detail, such as vibration value, upper and lower bearing temperature, rotor stop time after shutdown, etc., which play a very important role in judging the operation failure of the equipment and ensuring the long-term operation of the equipment.