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LUM-Series Ultra Fine Vertical Grinding Mill
LUM-Series Ultra Fine Vertical Grinding Mill
LUM-Series Ultra Fine Vertical Grinding Mill

LUM-Series Ultra Fine Vertical Grinding Mill

LUM-Series Ultra Fine Vertical Grinding Mill

LUM-Series Ultra fine vertical grinding mill is an advanced mill which combining our company’ several years of mill-producing experiences, It is designed and researched based on vertical mill technology, absorbing the worldwide ultrafine grinding theories. This series is a professional equipment including ultra fine grinding, classification and delivery.

Output size : 400 - 650 mesh

Production capacity : 5-18 T/H


Pyrophillite, coal, calcite, barite, limestone, lime powder, marble, silica, talc, kaoline, gold ore, ferrite, clay, slag, marble,and so on.


It is mainly used in grinding and classification for variety of non-metallic mineral, desulfurization plant in steel and Electricity industry which use limestone powder, the coal powder making from blast furnace injection etc.


1.As the grinding principle of material layer, materials stay in the mainframe for a very short time , thus decrease repeat grinding ,so the percentage of Iron is little .When it grind white or transparent material , the whiteness and purity of the finished product is higher, which ball mill cannot reach.
2.The milled-in curve of the roll sleeve and liner plate is specially designed with the theory of ultra fine powder, which makes it easier to get material layer and the required fineness at one time when the LUM is used to grind powder.
3.Multiple frequency rotor classifier. The fineness of the finished product can be adjusted in the changeable scope. No need for the second wend-blowing classification and no existence of the low grade material.
4.The percentage lower than 2 um in the finished product is as high as 70% , low residue when fineness is 325 mesh, also can get more finer size from the final product by second classification.
5.The rotary speed of mainframe motor is changed by the frequency control, so the material to be processed is very broad.
6.The ultra fine theory and the multiple classifier make it save 30%-50% energy than the other types of mills when producing products with the same fineness , so it is economic.
7.PLC/DCS automatic control is used to increase the pressure for the rollers ,which makes the pressure can be controlled accurately and no need for the manual operation.
8.Single lubrication station is used for the rollers, in addition, double pumps for every roller with the “pumping-absorbing at one time” working style , which makes the roller bearings not only lubricated and cooled totally ,but also make sure little trapped oil and no possible leakage in the bearing chamber.
9.Little wear. Because the roller and the roll is not touched when the mill is working and the rollers and liner plates are made of strong- quality materials , so there is little wear and the usage life is longer.
10.Automatic control ,easy operation and long-distance control is available.
11.Both electronic and mechanical limit device not only prevent the direct touch between the roll sleeve ,mill stone and liner plates, but also avoid destructive impact and violent vibration.
12.The rollers can be turned out of the mainframe to examine and repair , and it is more convenient to change the roll sleeve and liner plates ,which decrease the stop loss.
13.Little vibration , low noise and the sealed equipment works under negative pressure make sure no outlet powder , clean environment and can reach the national environmental requirement.